DuKo Board Games

DuKo designs specializes in custom engagement rings and wedding bands and creates all sorts of jewellery pieces. I'm not limited to creating jewellery objects though. People have contacted me to put my skills to use on many different projects. I've now made three board games. The chess set pictured on the left is made of walnut with hand carved and cast, solid sterling silver pieces. This set depicts ancient Aztecs versus modern Bauhaus figures, they have turquoise and amber accents set into the kings and queens. I recently made the crib board, pictured at right, as a birthday gift for my fiance. The board was made from a piece of maple, the pegs are solid sterling silver and they tuck away inside, when not in use. The last game is Mancala, possibly the worlds oldest game. Mine is made from walnut with sterling silver hinges and clasps, the counting pieces are quartz, tigers eye, hematite, and agate. These sorts of projects are challenging and a true pleasure to make. Let me know if you're in the market for a truly unique and deluxe gift or gaming experience.