Inspiration is a funny thing. It can come from anywhere. You don't always need to have all the details sorted out either, part of my job is helping in the process. Some of my clients bring me their ideas already completed and all that's left for me to do is build the design. Other clients have an idea that we develop together, some people need me to take the lead on the entire process, everyone and every job is different. The Diamond engagement ring pictured above is a modified replica of my clients girlfriends favorite ruby ring that she wore every day.

 I built a Sterling Silver 1957 Chevy belt buckle based solely on a picture that my client brought to me.                 
  A recent client wanted engraving that was symbolic and had meaning to both he and his girlfriend. After much back and forth I prompted him to think of travels they had had together and places they had been, objects that they had purchased while abroad  that were prominent in their home. He settled on a replica of some patterning in a carpet that they had brought home from the middle east. It's a focal point in there living room and now in her ring as well. Keep an open mind and inspiration will find you, if it's taking too long, call me and let me help.