Custom Canadian Ring

This past summer I had the opportunity to design and make a truly unique one of a kind ring. My client brought me a gorgeous Ruby and a vision, the rest was up to me. He wanted a large chunky man's ring in both white and yellow gold with hand engraved details throughout. The project evolved as we went and I was pleased at my clients patients as I required shoulder surgery part way through the job. He opted to wait and have me see the project through to completion rather than have me take it elsewhere to have it finished. Thanks Martin. I carved the main body of the ring out of wax and had it cast in 14k white gold. I added 14k yellow gold details, including a removable stone bezel that I set from behind. By doing this the center stone can be removed for re-sizing or any other work or repairs that may be required in the future. It turns out that this ring is going to be my clients gift to himself for becoming a Canadian citizen, so his choice of what to get hand engraved was only fitting.