Custom Wedding Band : 19k White Gold with Sterling Silver Inlay

I thought the process of how I created this custom wedding band would be interesting to show on my blog. These photos show some of the techniques I went through, from carving the wax to the patina finish.

It began by carving a man's ring size 8.25 from a wax tube. It was then cast in 19k white gold. This created the frame for the structure of the band.

Sterling silver was inlay-ed into the center which allows for contrasting colors and textures, as the 19k gold is a very hard metal in comparison. The 19k white also doesn't react to the patina I used.

I annealed the ring and added the hammered texture carefully so as not to ruin the shape of the ring with the constant tapping.

I finished the piece to a high polish and then the final patina was added.

The contrast in the two metals through color and hammered texture make it a truly unique design. I was quite pleased with the finished result.